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DCoder's Coding Realm

Home of DCoder's various tools and editors.

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The official home of all Syringe/YR++/Ares development.

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Marshallx Industries

Be it Launch Base, the UMP or Purple Alert, Marshall's developments can be found here.

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About Us

Stratey X has been hosting mods, gaming sites and related content since 2002; once one of the biggest hosting networks within the C&C community, the departure of its founder Clive and the decline in popularity of "old style" C&Cs have led to a significant downsizing. Nevertheless, STX never stopped hosting, and, until today, delivers quality hosting with a community feeling. We do not actively market our services as we are of the opinion that if we ensure that if our current hostees feel safe and comfortable, new ones will come on their own.
Testament to the quality of our hosting is the fact that we are routinely chosen as the home of high-profile community projects like RockPatch, or Launch Base.

Aside from its "community" approach to hosting, STX offers a several unique "out of the box" features hostees are invited to use:

If all this got you interested in becoming a hostee at STX, proceed to the hosting page and the Terms of Service - then if you're still interested (and eligible), you either contact us directly, or go to the Forums and bug us and our current hostees with more questions. ;)

Network Administration

Strategy X is currently led by Renegade, and incorporated into his Renegade Projects Network; DCoder is second in command and Chief of Everything Code-Related. He has wide administrative access and replaces Renegade whenever he's not around.