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DCoder's Coding Realm

Home of DCoder's various tools and editors.

Author: DCoder Forums: Link


The official home of all Syringe/YR++/Ares development.

Author: DCoder et al Forums: Link

Marshallx Industries

Be it Launch Base, the UMP or Purple Alert, Marshall's developments can be found here.

Author: Marshall Forums: Link

Contact Us

Usually, the quickest and simplest way to contact us when we are online is IRC:
Server: irc.burnirc.net
Channel: #RenProj
You can access the channel by clicking here, entering your nickname and clicking "click to join chatroom".
If we are offline, or you are not a fan of IRC, you should go to the forums and leave a message there.
If you don't like that either, you can still send us PMs through the forums, harvest our profiles there for Instant Messenger details, or, last but not least, just send us an e-mail:

Renegade[at]Strategy-X.com      DCoder[at]Strategy-X.com