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DCoder's Coding Realm

Home of DCoder's various tools and editors.

Author: DCoder Forums: Link


The official home of all Syringe/YR++/Ares development.

Author: DCoder et al Forums: Link

Marshallx Industries

Be it Launch Base, the UMP or Purple Alert, Marshall's developments can be found here.

Author: Marshall Forums: Link


Strategy X offers free hosting to mods and mod-related sites, with the following specifications:

  • A freely chosable subdomain of the format yoursubdomain.strategy-x.com for your project. (Limited of course by existing subdomains.)
  • Unlimited Traffic/bandwidth and hard-drive space1
  • PHP, MySQL, CGI and the usual stuff.
  • FTP and control panel access
  • 10 e-mail addresses in the form of address@yoursubdomain.yourstxtld.com
  • A section and usergroup in the network's forums.

In addition, we offer several server-wide services that you are not required, but invited to use:

The bugtracker is useful for mods and tool producers, as it prevents your forum from getting cluttered with bug-report-threads, and has an architecture specifically designed for bug-management (as opposed to general text in the forums), and can also be used to track feature requests. It has successfully been used by RockPatch for quite a while, and if you keep your issues up-to-date, it even automatically generates current roadmaps and changelogs for your project.

What we ask for in return

Our requirements are basically the same as on any other community hosting network:

  • You obey the Terms of Service.
  • You use only the forum section that comes with your forums, no seperate one.
  • You use DCoder's News System. (This is a system written specifically to integrate with the forums - you have a news subforum, and every thread you create there becomes a news post.)
  • You include our navigation bar, and put our button on your page.
  • You do stuff. In the past, we've had problems with teams acquiring hosting, and then not even uploading a single index.html, barely using their forums. If you want to get hosted, we expect you to actually do something with that hosting.

1 Within the realms of reasonable usage - should your success lead to ressource usage on levels that threaten to use up the entire server's ressources just for you, we might have to find a solution that ensures the network as a whole stays online - but you'll have to be very successful for that. ;)