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DCoder's Coding Realm

Home of DCoder's various tools and editors.

Author: DCoder Forums: Link


The official home of all Syringe/YR++/Ares development.

Author: DCoder et al Forums: Link

Marshallx Industries

Be it Launch Base, the UMP or Purple Alert, Marshall's developments can be found here.

Author: Marshall Forums: Link

Terms of Service / Acceptable Use Policy

  1. Network Services

    • All hosted sites are required to use the Renegade Projects Network Forums as their only forums.
    • All hosted sites are required to use DcNS, DCoder's News System. This is to ensure their advances don't get lost in the mass of data, and important information from the network administration can be passed to their users.
  2. Illegal Content

    • No illegal material is allowed to be hosted on an account. This includes, but is not limited to, "warez", pirated movies and unlicensed MP3s. Since such material can lead to the termination of the entire server-contract, any offending account will be terminated immediately and without warning.
    • Nothing is allowed anywhere on any network sites that includes anything racist, religiously hostile, sexist or homophobic, sexually explicit or any illegal material.
    • "Religiously hostile" is not equal to "critical". However, since you are getting mod hosting, no pages about religion on your site should be necessary anyway.
  3. Button and Navigation Bar

    • All hosted sites are required to place the Strategy X button and the Renegade Projects NavBar on all pages that reside on the Strategy X server. For more information on how to put them up, go here when your forum access is set up.
  4. FTP and Backups

    • Strategy X cannot be held responsible for any loss of files on the client's account. It is the client's duty to make sure nothing vital gets lost in case of a server crash.
    • Clients are advised to follow standard password security procedures, such as changing their FTP password twice a month and not giving their FTP password to anyone except their trusted staff members.
  5. IRC and Chat

    • We do not allow installations of any kind of IRC/chat softwares on the Strategy X server. Since doing so puts STX and any other site on the Renegade Projects Network in danger, accounts with IRC-software installed will be deleted immediately, without prior notice or backup of content.
  6. Relocation

    • Hosted sites who want to transfer to a different host should notify the Network Administration one (1) week before transferring.
  7. File Hosting

    • Clients are not allowed to host files that are not part of their website. Strategy X hosting should not be used as a mirroring account for other websites.
    • Hosted sites themselves should make use of the File Fortress, to minimize usage of their own bandwidth as well, and to put their work on display.
  8. Advertisement

    • Hosted Sites are not allowed to display any commercial advertisement on their websites. This includes popups or any other form of advertisement that is not directly on your website, but coming from it.
      (Meaning: You are not allowed to earn money by displaying ads from/on/under your account.)
  9. Miscellaneous

    • Hosted websites that suffer from large staff problems may have their hosting account removed. This refers to large staff arguments and such, not lack of staff.
    • All hosted sites' staff should read the Forum Rules, especially those acting as moderators.
  10. Updates

    • These rules may be altered by the Network Administration without prior notice or consent of the hostees.
    • All hostees are obliged to ensure themselves that their site is consistent with the TOS at any given time.

Any sites found to be breaking these rules may have their hosting terminated without warning.

Report violation or ask questions: Renegade@Strategy-x.com

Last Updated: November 7th, 2008, 06:08h by Renegade